Best-ever results for Reach Higher students

Best-ever results for Reach Higher students

November 2017

Jason Marshall, from Clowne, north Derbyshire, is reading English at Clare College, Cambridge

More Reach Higher students reached world-class universities in 2017 than ever before.

Of 23 who set out on the journey in 2016, six recently started at Cambridge and four are re-applying to Oxbridge this autumn.

Six students are starting at other world top-100 institutions, including Durham and Warwick. Two from Doncaster have started at leading colleges in the USA. The other four have all made it to excellent Russell Group universities.

Cameron Osborne, now studying French and German at Trinity College, Cambridge said, “All of this very much seemed to be a pipe dream at the age of ten, when I first seriously determined that I wanted to study at Cambridge. What were the real chances of a boy from Wallsend achieving that? Thanks to the help of Linacre, funded by selfless sponsors, that fantasy became reality.”

Harrison Jennings, from Ecclesfield, north Sheffield, is reading History at Magdalene College, Cambridge

All the students come from areas with very low rates of progression to elite universities.

Jason Marshall, now studying English at Clare College, Cambridge said, “Linacre made me realise what I want from my life and I have never felt more excited for the future. It has made me realise how hard I want to work to achieve my dreams and it has showed me that I can do it and I am capable and it’s just so exciting.”

This cohort are the third in the charity’s history. More than 40% of the charity’s Oxbridge applicants so far have been made offers – double the national average. Almost nine out of ten have won offers from UK top-12 institutions.