Linacre smallest organisation to make Roll of Honour at 2019 Social Mobility Awards

The Linacre Institute has been named as by far the smallest organisation to reach the prestigious Roll of Honour at the 2019 Social Mobility Awards.

Other organisations named on the roll include Google, global accountants Deloitte, international law firms Freshfields and Linklaters, the Ministry of Justice and BBC Sport.

In 2018-19, Linklaters’ revenues (£1.27bn) were more than 21,000 times those of Linacre.

They have offices across the globe. Linacre is run from one desk in a former council office in Sheffield.

A spokesperson for the awards said: “Every fantastic organisation here has demonstrated a commitment to improving social mobility.”

Paul Coupar-Hennessy, our Executive Director, said: “Our community of curiosity gives students the chance to transform their own futures. I couldn’t be more chuffed for all the staff who break into their summer holiday or evenings to help teach and tutor our students.

“This recognises that one teacher putting their expertise and heart into something can change lives as much – if not more than – a huge multinational firm with millions of pounds to use. Thank you all so very much.”