Reach Higher Doubles in Size for 2020

Reach Higher Doubles in Size for 2020

June 2020

We are delighted to be launching today our 2020 Reach Higher programme – which has doubled in size since last year. Welcome one and all!

Linacre is supporting 62 students from schools across ex-industrial Yorkshire as they aim at world-class universities.

They will follow a new programme – Reach Higher Goes Online – which outstanding teachers have developed since the outbreak of Covid-19. It includes online learning modules – ‘University Ready in My Subject’, a doubled provision of online tutoring from Oxbridge students, and first-class universities advice, both for students and our partner schools. (Full programme overview here.)

The aim is to ensure that students get academic support and universities advice which is at least as good as any are getting in the UK.

The programme and expansion have been made possible by generous support from HeppSY and South Yorkshire Futures.

Paul Coupar-Hennessy, Linacre’s Executive Director says. “We know this provision is as good as any student in the UK is getting because it is teachers from our highest-achieving schools who have developed it.

“As always, our aim will be to develop a community of intellectual curiosity, in which aspiration and achievement thrive.”

Nine out of ten students on previous Reach Higher programmes have been offered places at the UK’s 12 most selective universities, and 44% of Oxbridge applicants have won offers – twice the national average.

For more information on this year’s programme contact Paul Coupar-Hennessy on