First Linacre graduates: Footlights, American Football and further studying

First Linacre graduates: Footlights, American Football and further studying

September 2018

The first students from our 2014-15 pilot year started graduating from university this summer. Well done to one and all!

We are delighted to still be in touch with almost all of them. Several are working with younger Linacre students as tutors or teachers, and we are still supporting some with mentoring and other help.

  • Melita Carty (Sheffield) has started work at Zoo Digital, a digital-media company.
  • Krishan Gug (Cambridge) is going into his fourth year of medical school.
  • Having switched from Chemistry, Philip Hope (Sheffield) is now studying Law 
  • After a year in Sweden, Carenza Hughes-Cheshire (Edinburgh) is in her fourth year of Scandinavian Studies 
  • Charlie Lavemai Goldsborough (Durham) has joined the borough council of Kensington and Chelsea, helping them recover from the Grenfell disaster.
  • Kia Lindley (Cambridge) is applying for Masters degrees in Forensic Psychology 
  • Bhavin Patel (LSE) has joined Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s leading banks
  • Matthew Smith (Leeds) is doing a Masters at Leeds after winning a First in his finals.
  • Simon Stockwell (Nottingham) is in his fourth year of Physics and is playing American Football for the university
  • Lewis Waller (Oxford) is going into his fourth year of an Earth Sciences degree 
  • Ashleigh Weir (Cambridge) has been touring Europe and the US as vice-president of the Cambridge Footlights and is looking for a job she can combine with acting and comedy
  • Arran Williamson (Leeds) is going into his Masters year in Maths

We are very proud of all first students. Well done!