Linacre student delivers research to world-leading Psychological experts

Linacre student delivers research to world-leading Psychological experts

May 2018

Kia attended Wales High School in Rotherham and was part of our first cohort of students. She is about to sit her final exams in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

In March this year I was invited to attend the American Psychology-Law Society annual conference in Memphis, Tennessee. The APLS is an academic society for legal and forensic psychologists.

I was able to attend because I was accepted to present my dissertation research, the focus of which was question complexity in forensic interviews with child victims.

This involved me giving a 10-12-minute talk on the background context, methods, results and conclusions of my research. This opportunity allowed me to present my findings to some of the leading academics and professionals in my field of interest.

This conference brings together academics and practicing professionals in the fields of Psychology and Law to advance the contributions to both fields through research and education.

Whilst at the conference, I was also able to attend other talks on topics that interest me. For example, I attended a plenary talk on the effects of solitary confinement on young prisoners.

In addition, I attended a workshop at the beginning of the conference where we discussed competency to stand trial.

Alongside the obvious academic benefits, we also had a lot of free time which we used to explore Memphis, visiting Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, and The National Civil Rights Museum, a museum documenting the story of those who have fought, and continue to fight, for equality, including Dr Martin Luther King Jr who was assassinated nearby.

Travelling to Memphis and presenting my research was not only a great personal journey, but undoubtedly the most incredible opportunity of my academic career so far.

Kia Lindley