Update: Latest student university offers

Update: Latest student university offers

November 2017

Just six weeks after applications went in, more than half our 2017-18 students already hold an offer from one of the world’s 100 leading universities.

We are supporting 28 students this year, including 4 who are re-applying during gap years. All come from areas in northern England with especially low rates of progression to leading universities. So far:

  • 16 have been accepted at universities on the Times Higher Education Supplement top 100 in the world, including by top-25 institutions such as UCL and LSE.
  • 21 hold offers from the 30 most selective universities in the UK (Sutton Trust 30)
  • 19 are heading to Oxbridge interviews in the coming weeks

Huge congratulations to all concerned.

We expect more success in coming months as universities can continue giving out offers until May 4. Several courses such as Medicine do not make offers until the spring.

The UK universities in the current THES World 100 are:

Eleanor, Imogen and Georgia met up recently in Leeds to take a break from studying. They are from different schools and kept in touch following Linacre summer schools. All have offers from World Top 100 universities.

  • Oxford (1)
  • Cambridge (2)
  • Imperial College London (8)
  • University College London (16)
  • London School of Economics and Political Science (=25)
  • Edinburgh (=27)
  • King’s College London (36)
  • Manchester (=54)
  • Bristol (76)
  • Glasgow (80)
  • Warwick (91)
  • Durham (97)

Those in the Sutton Trust 30 (listed alphabetically) are:

Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Durham University, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Imperial College, King’s College London, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London School of Economics, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Royal Holloway, London, Sheffield, Southampton, St Andrews, Strathclyde, Surrey, University College London, Warwick and York.