Linacre Alumni Society gets going

One of Linacre’s key values is offering support that is ‘Long-term and personal’, and we took a big step in this direction in January when we formed the Linacre Alumni Society.

The Society helps formalise links between ex-students who are already keeping in touch and supporting each other, ensuring a community of curiosity continues long after the summer schools are over. It also aims to provide a networking platform for alumni particularly when they move from higher education into employment.

Lucy Munro is the driving force and organiser behind the Society, which is run in large part by students themselves. Out of 81 of our ex-students, 78 have already signed up with a core number excited about running the Society.

Lucy said: “I have been blown away by the enthusiasm amongst our alumni for this Programme which says so much about Linacre itself! We are currently working on our first newsletter and event and are excited about where we can take this Society.”

The aim of the Society is to provide a community of support both to alumni and current Linacre students and to provide networking opportunities for alumni in the workplace. Services and events will include an annual newsletter, thought provoking discussion via our Facebook page and an annual event held in the north of England.

Interested students should contact Lucy on

Linacre students from 2016 meet up