About us

Supporting state-school students in the north of England to reach leading universities

Our Mission

Is to give northern state-schools students the confidence to apply to our leading universities and the skills to thrive there.


Discover the impact of what we do. Over the last 6 years, we have helped hundreds of students reach leading universities, and given them the confidence to thrive there. Our programme provides an amazing and intense experience, together with expert support. See what difference we are making to state-school students in the north of England, trying to level-up the playing field in education.


The Institute was founded in January 2014. Its founders wanted to help more northern state students reach our top universities. They were led by Paul Coupar-Hennessy, who grew up and taught in Chesterfield, north Derbyshire.

The Institute is named after the scholar, teacher and reformer Thomas Linacre. Born around 1460, probably near Chesterfield, Linacre helped shape our modern world.

Student Stories

Without Linacre, I don’t think I would’ve even considered applying to Cambridge, never mind getting in for Natural Sciences and continuing to love it in my second year.


Meet the team behind Linacre Institute, who make everything possible, as well as our Board of Trustees and other volunteers.  We’re always looking for more support; so if you are interested in volunteering with us and providing our students with expert support, please do get in touch.  


Long-term and personal

Our intensive, on-going support is unique. We are with students every step of the way, from Year 12 to arrival at university – and beyond. We look to form hubs of expertise within schools so that many students benefit over a long period.


First-class subject experts are on hand to stretch our students. Exceptional teachers, from the UK’s leading schools and universities, inspire by balancing support and challenge.

Aimed at achievement

Crucially, we focus on achievement not just aspiration, unlike other access schemes – and our ongoing support network gives students the means to realise these aspirations.

Designed to nurture confidence

We aim to provide students with the confidence to follow their aspirations. Our students work with leading subject experts, giving them a taste of university life and building their confidence to participate in academic life once they reach university and enjoy fulfilling careers.

Rooted in a community of curiosity

Students form life-long friendships – and they come to see some of our most successful professionals and academics as friends and colleagues. Linacre is above all a family based on shared intellectual excitement.