Linacre’s 2017, in numbers…

Linacre’s 2017, in numbers…

December 2017

  • We worked with 7 partner schools in parts of the north with very low progression to leading universities
  • More than 300 sixth-formers were given advice and encouragement about applying to highly selective universities
  • After our work, 86% said they were ‘more likely’ (44%) or ‘very much more likely’ (42%) to apply to these universities
  • 23 Year 13 students completed the intensive Reach Higher programme and went on to university or gap years
  • 23 got at least one offer from one of the UK’s 30 most selective universities (the Sutton Trust 30). Most got several
  • 9 won Oxbridge offers
  • 17 ended up at one of the UK’s 30 most selective universities
  • 6 ended up at Oxford or Cambridge
  • 2 went on to leading colleges in the USA on full scholarships
  • 4 won an offer from a ST30 university but took a gap year to are-apply for Oxbridge or Durham
  • 25 Year 12 students began Reach Higher
  • 25 agreed or strongly agreed that afterwards they felt more confident in applying to highly selective universities
  • 25 strongly agreed that they enjoyed the programme
  • 25 agreed or strongly agreed that it had a very significant positive impact on them
  • 23 already have offers from a Sutton Trust 30 university
  • 17 are attending Oxbridge interviews this December (plus three re-applicants from the last cohort)
  • More than 20 teachers attended Linacre training or received our support to help their able students
  • We appointed 1 part-time employee (our first) – Paul Coupar-Hennessy, working three days a week as executive director
  • More than 50 teachers, tutors and other supporters volunteered to help

…and in quotes

I also absolutely loved the social side. To discover a group of people who talk physics over breakfast, politics over lunch and pop culture over tea was something totally new

2017-18 student

Without a doubt I would call them the best experiences ever given to me

2017-18 student

The Institute has seen our daughter’s efforts converted into a fantastic opportunity for her future, and the experiences and friends she has gained have developed her as a person beyond what we as parents could ever offer… We cannot thank the Linacre Institute and the people involved enough for illuminating the paths ahead that we wouldn’t otherwise have seen. The future certainly does look bright

Parent of 2016-17 student

I’m very proud to have been involved with Linacre and with the success it has been. It’s been a privilege to get to work with you and students

Teacher at a partner school

All of this very much seemed to be a pipe dream at the age of ten, when I first seriously determined that I wanted to study at Cambridge. What were the real chances of a boy from Wallsend achieving that? Thanks to the help of Linacre, funded by selfless sponsors, that fantasy became reality

2016-17 student

We’ve ended up posting record results (looking like the best any school in our authority has ever managed at A level) so the Linacre students have been a really great beacon for what ended up as a fantastic year group! I can’t express enough how delighted I am that we started working with you (I have cold sweats thinking about if we hadn’t!)

Partner school