Cameron Osborne

Burnside College, Wallsend 

Modern Languages student at Trinity College, Cambridge

Cameron is one of our 2016-17 students. He went to school in Wallsend, an ex-shipbuilding area on Tyneside. He is about to start studying Modern Languages at Trinity College, Cambridge. 

He says, “All of this very much seemed to be a pipe dream at the age of ten, when I first seriously determined that I wanted to study at Cambridge, and it appeared perhaps even more so for my parents. What were the real chances of a boy from Wallsend achieving that?

Thanks to the help of Linacre that fantasy became reality. For me, education can never be encapsulated in just books, classrooms or buildings, no matter how beautiful or nuanced they are. It is the people; the new discoveries; the realisation of dreams that really make education what it is. So thank you. Thank you for allowing me to follow my educational coming of age with Linacre, and to become who I am today.”