Eve Draycott: 2017 cohort

Eve Draycott: 2017 cohort

January 2018

Final year at school, hoping to read Medicine.

“I’m from a mining village in the midlands of about 4000 people. My secondary school was two villages away, but after I finished Year 11 the closest sixth form to me was Netherthorpe in Staveley, so I made a fresh start there. I’m now a Y13 student and spent last summer involved in the 2017 Linacre programme.

As a prospective medical student, the thought of university was extremely intimidating. I knew that that odds were against me, and I had to navigate a minefield of work experience, entrance exams and interview preparation before I’d even sent off my application. While I’d spent Y12 attempting to get to grips with all of this, the staff and mentors at Linacre really helped bring it all together. I was able to make informed decisions about my application and dedicate time to the subjects I most enjoyed, with opportunities to explore scientific and ethical topics relevant to my chosen field in daily workshops.

Before attending the summer school, I’d investigated the Oxbridge medical courses and decided they weren’t for me. Although I was initially apprehensive about this, the Linacre staff quickly made it clear they were in no way solely interested in the ‘top two’, and I received sound advice about which places would be right for me. My current top choice, Edinburgh, was first suggested to me during the London summer school.

I also absolutely loved the social side of Linacre. To discover a group of people who talk physics over breakfast, politics over lunch and pop culture over tea was something totally new. In relation to academics, I now feel much more confident in my own abilities, and after witnessing some of the places it can get me, I left the residentials more motivated to succeed in my A-Levels than ever before. My first term of Y13 has definitely benefited from this – my Linacre mentor, Chris, provided last-minute support in relation to my personal statement and I’ve also been able to organise some much-needed work experience at Chesterfield Royal Hospital with help from Paul.

In the future, I’d jump at the chance to be a part of Linacre again, although I’m not sure I’ve quite got the level of expertise to actually teach anybody yet!”

Eve Draycott: 2017 cohort: Final year at School, hoping to read Medicine