James Clarke

James Clarke – 2019 Cohort

October 2020

James was part of our 2019 cohort and has just begun his degree at York. He was kind enough to answer some questions for us about his time on the Linacre programme.

Hi, I’m James and I was in the 2019 cohort. I have accepted a lowered offer from the University of York to study Art History and Curating.

What did you enjoy most about Linacre?

The hands-on experience with culture (theatre, art and history mostly) both in London and Cambridge. Being able to visit the National Gallery and the Fitzwilliam opened up my eyes to new exciting forms of art and curating that I had not come across before; first hand experiences of live theatre and academic historical talks were equally enriching, giving me insight into other university courses I hadn’t previously considered and providing me a breadth of options to leave the Linacre experience with.

How did Linacre help you in university?

Personal one-on-one tutoring with Emma Hollaway and Fania Weatherby was a massive help towards the application process, both were wonderfully insightful about the University experience I might expect at certain institutions and gave me great perspective into my choices without any kind of pressure – their expertise and feedback pushed me towards a strong and confident application that subsequently won me offers and interviews at every University I applied to.

The Linacre process itself is something I have a lot of time and respect for as it allowed me to carefully consider my options with Paul (amongst many others) helping me make an informed choice deciding which course and university I would get the most out of personally and academically. The people I met on Linacre, academics and friends alike, gave me information about the truths of University I wouldn’t have got anywhere else – not even my own former school.

What advice would you give to our current and prospective students?

Keep an open mind when going into the programme, any preconceptions you may have about where you want to go and what you want to study are important but be prepared for your aims to change: maybe a little or maybe a lot but either way for the better. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or push the boat out because the people who run the show are kind and considerate, ask and you shall receive.