Jason Marshall

Netherthorpe School, Staveley 
English student at Clare College, Cambridge

Jason attended Netherthorpe School in the north Derbyshire coal-belt.

He says: “This was the single greatest experience of my life so far! The teaching was intense and pushed me really hard but that’s why it was so enjoyable; I’d never experience anything like that at school.

“The location was simply beautiful and there has not been a greater motivation in my life than this residential. The other students are fantastic and I have made friends for life. We would spend hours discussing topics concerning philosophical and scientific questions and we would all have the same level of passion and enjoyment and that is something I could only experience with these people.

“This has made me realise what I want from my life and I have never felt more excited for the future. It has made me realise how hard I want to work to achieve my dreams and it has showed me that I can do it and I am capable and it’s just so exciting.”